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What would it take to show a nation that their god really did exist? What would it take to prove that they’ve mixed falsehoods into their faith and, their god hadn’t changed but rather they had?

Wait a minute! Didn’t I mean, “What would it take to show the world that God really exists?” or “What would it take to prove to people who don’t believe in anything, that there really is a Creator God?”

Such a line of reasoning makes sense to the modern mind. But, back in 850 BC , the idea of there being only one Infinite God and Creator occupied a small place at the bottom of the heap of religions.

In the ancient world, religion meant worship of gods. The revelation to Abraham began a religion with room for only one heavenly, all powerful, all knowing, God.

          Before our Information Age with the invention of television, telephone, or computers for mass communication – how would a supposed god accomplish such a huge goal – “People of Earth, I REALLY EXIST!”

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I retell the dynamic showdown of  the Jewish prophet Elijah against overwhelming and deadly enemies.   My story is unique because the reader gets  into the prophet’s mind and heart during the  struggle for a nation’s soul. Writing for Underwear True mystifying account! READ More… Send me an email. I’d appreciate hearing from you! Did Jesus Ever Own a French Poodle? My poem deals with this age old question! READ the story… READ… The Confusing Christian Corner Elijah Versus Baal THE CONFUSING CHRISTIAN CORNER

ESSAY on the “BAPTISM for the DEAD”

A Thorough Look at this Peculiar Verse Found in

First Corinthians 15:29 – From a Jewish Perspective

Looking for answers?

This is a piece that you can download and forward for no cost.

You will be surprised at what Rabbi Sh’aul/Apostle Paul might’ve meant.

PDF Baptism for the Dead

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“Mark, your funny stuff is my favorite!”  Judy W. “Mark, I found that I enjoyed the moments when I was able to get into your character’s thoughts!”  Kimberly T.

Growing up, I enrolled in many of the art classes offered in junior and senior high school. My father worked in a typography shop in Hollywood where I was occasionally employed. There, I started to develop an understanding and awareness of fonts, typesetting and printing. Then I attended a few semesters at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA before choosing to be a sign painter/maker. I graduated from Los Angeles Trade Technical College’s Sign Graphics program in 1979.

In 1981 I relocated to Spokane, Washington, where I currently reside. Over the last 30 plus years I’ve has operated a one-man sign shop, producing thousands of signs. During that time I developed a deep, sincere love of and fascination with letter styles and well-designed layouts. I’ve said, “I’m able to enjoy a fine layout and drink it in just as much as watching a beautiful and captivating sunset!”

In 1984, while reading the print trade magazine “U&lc.” I saw an article with accompanying typographic illustrations which affected me significantly. It was about the graphic designer John Langdon and was titled, “His typography talks.” Langdon’s layouts forever changed my creative direction. What was uniquely interesting to me was that these clever, stark, black and white designs provided insight into the meaning of a word simply by the way the letters were laid out; there was little or no illustration.

It turns out that the origins of this innovative way of achieving captivating layouts are to be traced back to master graphic designer Herb Lubalin 1918-81. He inspired a generation of typographic creativity due to his never-seen-before styles which evolved in the 1950s and 60s.

Over the years, when ideas showed up in my imagination, I doodled layouts on hundreds of sticky notes, napkins and handy scraps of paper. I always hoped to someday see them in print for others to enjoy. My graphics website features this work at